Todays Soups

Todays Soups

Lemon Rice
Chicken Noodle
Stuffed Pepper

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Welcome to Baja’s Restaurant’s homepage! We wanted to give a huge thank you to our customers by creating a new website that would allow everyone to browse our menu and even order their meals directly online.

We will also be implementing a brand new customer rewards program through our Baja’s Restaurant rewards app that will be coming very soon! Thank you for visiting.

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You may also call 219-226-0669 to place your order.

Todays Specials

Stuffed green peppers $9.99
Prime Rib Sandwich–$11.99
Shrimp or Chicken Alfredo–$9.99
Gyros Plate–$8.99
Chicken or Steak Fajita–$8.99
Baked Lasagna–$8.99
Riverboat Chop Sirloin–$9.99
Broiled Walleye–$11.99
Fried Smelt–$8.99
Stir-fry (Chicken, Beef or Shrimp)–$9.99
Chicken Ala Kiev–$8.99
Cajun Chicken Pasta–$9.99
Steak Salad–$8.99
Turkey Melt–$7.99

Our New Rewards App

Our New Rewards App

Introducing our (automatic) mobile rewards program. Receive "tokens" automatically just for coming in and receive special offers through the app. The app will also have a digital punch card that will later get you a FREE meals. COMING SOON...

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